Auction Bump

Free Speedy Advertising for your eBay Auction, eBay

Store, Addoway Store, Website or Blog.

Drive more traffic to your eBay auctions, eBay store, or your website with this self-service Free Advertising opportunity.

Please limit your “bumps” to FIVE consecutive “bumps”. Once one is bumped off, you can add more.

Family Friendly Only Listings” please*.

How To Bump:

Enter your eBay Item Number and click to bump.  Fast, Free, and Effective Advertising!

Your free advertising bump will be showcased on the Auction Bump home page until it is bumped off the page.

To Get Your Own Speedy Bump Script

*I reserve the right to remove any listing that does not comply with “Family Friendly terms*

**If You have a bump site and are interested in exchanging banners, Contact me and we’ll work something out.**

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Free Auction Advertising